Fay Is On Her Way

In today’s economy and even for the future outlook, preparedness just seems practical. If you are always prepared for a disaster then you don’t have to rush out to get supplies, like, right before a Hurricane is coming.

Well for us in the state of Florida, a hurricane/tropical storm is coming. It hit the Keys earlier today and will hit Florida again along its mainland. I really do not need to get anything for this storm, because I think I already have everything I need. I stocked my hurricane box back in June.

There are quite a few disaster preparedness sites to get info from.  This one http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/HAW2/english/disaster_prevention.shtml  has a good supply list of food, first aid, and other emergency essentials. This one http://www.floridadisaster.org/  has lots of information. It will help you generate a plan specific to your needs. You just have to enter in your family info and it tells you things like how much water to store.

In 2004, the town I live in, was hit by two separate hurricanes. Frances and Jeanne were down graded by the time they got inland enough to reach us. They hit three weeks apart and caused quite a bit of minimal to severe damage. I remember that one woman was killed by a huge oak tree landing on her trailer. I don’t remember if there were any other deaths.  We lived in a different house then. The major difference being that we were on a well. The street we lived on did not have any city water to it yet. When the electricity went out, and stayed out for four days, we had no water. But we did get quite a bit of rain. So we put garbage cans under the eaves and caught rainwater. We used it to flush the toilets and wash the dishes. Since we knew the storm was coming we prepared by filling a five gallon bucket with water. It was designed to make soda pop in it and had a spigot on the bottom. This gave us “running” water at the sink. We also filled large pots with water for drinking. You don’t have to buy bottled water, but you do need a safe supply and enough to get you through an extended emergency. We are more prepared now because we have a counter top gravity filter that allows you to filter rainwater to drink. It is also a reservoir that holds maybe three gallons of water. It is called an AquaRain. There are other filters similar to this, but this one is made in the USA. Now we are ready for an extended water interruption. Of course it is less likely since now we have city water.

My hurricane kit is a rubbermaid container with things like quick cooking foods, foods that don’t need cooking and snacks. When our power went out with both hurricanes in 2004, we were still able to cook on the gas stove. We just had to light the burner since the pilot was electronic ignition. In our new house we have gas as well. If the gas is interrupted, then we also have camping stoves and a solar oven. I also have things like shampoo and soap, crayons and paper, and band-aids and sunscreen in my kit. I also have two weeks of food for our cat and bunny. I don’t have a hurricane plan for my chickens yet.

I don’t think Fay will prove to be formidable in the coming days. I think we will get a lot of rain and gusty winds. It is possible we could lose power, but unless the winds are powerful and a lot of trees come down, then I bet the power would be restored quickly. Either way though, I feel ready for this and future storms.