Bounty of Nature

When mother nature gives you free food, why waste it! Now how to preserve all those pears. If you have like I do, a tree in your yard that bears fruit, find a way to put it to good use. Give it away. Eat it or preserve it. In times of plenty gather what you can and make the best use of it. Otherwise it all just rots. What a waste.

The pears are washed, peeled, sliced, cored and chopped. Then cooked in a large pot with a little Cinnamon and sugar. The resulting pear sauce is ladled into jars and processed in a hot water bath for 20 minutes. Viola… 5 pints of canned pear sauce. Yummy almost free food.


These were Florida Sand Pears. Rather hard and a bit gritty, not so sweet. But still free. I have quite a lot of pears waiting to be eaten fresh or made into something first. If you had a huge pear tree, what would you make with your pears?