Independance Days Update for June

I have been lazy about posting my Independance updates. I have only done one prior to this. This is my update for about the past month or more. I don’t think I have the mental energy to update every week. What have you guys been up to?

PLANTED- Rattlesnake pole beans(94)

HARVESTED- lots of tomatoes, 4 veg marrow, one EGG, 14 lbs potatoes, black eyed peas.

PRESERVED- Froze 4 lbs blueberries, Canned blueberry jam and whole blueberries. Made 3 pints sauerkraut, 3 pints watermelon preserves. 2 pints dilly beans.

STORED- 10 more jars of organic peanut butter(purchased for $1 each), 7 bags of rice 5lbs each, granola, pinto beans, couscous, 4 bottles lemon juice, sugar, coconut milk, 18- 1lb boxes pasta(buy one get one free), canning salt and 4 jars salsa.

PREPARED-working on chicken coop, purchased more emergency supplies like first aid kit, got hurricane box together and stored. Bought more canning jars and lids.

MANAGED-reorganised pantry to fit everything in.

COOKED-Peanutty Asian Coleslaw and potato salad

LOCAL-talked about food storage with 2 other people locally

REDUCE WASTE-preserved watermelon rind, eating weeds from garden

NEW SKILL-nothing yet


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