What am I doing?

First I want to say that I appreciate all the comments I get on this blog.  One person said they liked the clothing and dumpster diving posts, but to please post about how I was getting to my Riot goals, like using little water. Another person said they liked the water saving posts but missed the trashion posts. Well, I will see what I can do about trying to post on both. I actually had been taking a break from dumpster diving since it fills my house with stuff and creates quite a bit of laundry. It is impossible for me to just pick out a few things that I like and to leave so much good stuff.  When I go, I always come home with a trunk full! My mother in law came to visit for two weeks and so I put the diving on hold to get the house cleaned up. Then I didn’t dive while she was here, even though she thought it was great and took home several garments. She is even planning on telling her friends exactly where they came from. She said it was half the fun. These are two tops I found in the dumpster that still had the tags on them! She loved them both.


Then in two weeks my sister in law comes, so I have to get the house cleaned up again. I may allow myself one trip this week and then no more for awhile. I really miss diving. The treasure hunting aspect of it draws me as much as getting free clothes or saving things from the landfill. As the weather heats up I find I don’t have as many shorts as I would like.  And surprisingly I have lost some weight, so that some of the shorts I got three of four months ago are not staying up so well.

I may do some scavenging and have a yard sale. We have too much stuff in our house. So we could have a successful sale I think. Have to decide if I want to go to all that trouble.

I have also been very busy in the garden. Planting, watering, weeding and some harvesting as well. I plan on doing a post on pickles, my garden, and a few more on saving water.


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