Do Not Mail 

Have you ever received a catalog and thought, “Why do they send me this, I’ll never order any of this stuff.” After saying that do you then throw the catalog in the recycle bin or worse the trash, and then forget about it till they send you yet another catalog? Well, there really is more you could do. You could call the 800 number at the back of the catalog and tell them you don’t want their catalog sent to you anymore. You could do that for every catalog you get. Well you say, “I get 100 different catalogs a month. There is no way I am calling 100 different companies. It is their waste anyway not mine”. Well if there is something you could do to stop it, it is your responsibility and your waste as well.

I was grateful to find Catalog Choice. I was able to enter all the catalogs I received into their database and finally am only getting a couple catalogs a week. There are a few companies that do not honor Catalog Choice and I will be calling one of them tonight to give them a few choice words. You are able to keep getting whichever ones you want, specifying those you don’t want. They even let you change your mind.

Now you say hey, “If they only did that for junk mail”. Or “What about a do not mail list like the do not call list?”  Well it is up to you and me and our Government to make that happen. If you would like to support legislation to help stop unwanted junk mail, check out this site. DO NOT MAIL.

Five years after the national Do Not Call Registry became the most popular consumer rights bill in history, conservation group ForestEthics launched its campaign for a Do Not Mail Registry to give Americans the choice to stop wasteful, annoying and environmentally destructive junk mail that also fosters identity theft. Please support this by signing their petition.

Recycling your catalogs and junk mail is not the answer. Most catalogs and junk mail are printed on virgin paper products. That means trees were cut down to send you mail you did not want. 100 million trees a year are cut down just to make junk mail. Save a tree, save a lot of trees. Stop the junk mail. Stop the waste.



  1. Mommalynne said,

    March 12, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    Thanks for the link to the Do Not Mail petition. I signed up. I wish there was a way to get mail order companies not to sell your name/address to other companies. That would stop the problem before it starts.

  2. March 12, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    Some junk mail is bulk mailed according to your city. Other junk mail comes because you make a contribution or place an order. When you do either of those, you can always say “Do not sell my name to anyone”. You have to remember to do this everytime and be vigilant about it.

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