Refashion with trash

I was able to visit myfavoritedumpster on Thursday. Then Friday it rained all day long. There were even at least 4 tornadoes here in North Florida. It is always best to go before it rains, because if you go after you may run into a lot of wet clothes.

I have broadened my vision in regards to what I decide to bring home. I signed up for Wardrobe Refashion and need to refashion something. So my sights are set on finding garments that have interesting fabrics or patterns. So I am going to be working on coming up with ways to combine pieces of clothing and make new ones.

I have spent several hours recently at the fabric store looking at patterns. I’m especially looking for ones that can be pieced together from two, three, or four different garments. I also am waiting for the patterns to go on sale. I have a couple that I could use, but can always use more. If you were wondering, I will not be buying any fabric, or even using any from my stash, to make clothing. All homemade clothing will be made from fabric and/or garments found in the trash.

There are several websites that talk about remaking clothes. This site, is all about how to remake t shirts. If your shirt is too big, too small, has a hole, a stain or is ugly, check out this site for some inspiration.

When I decide what I will be refashioning, I will post pictures of the before and when I finish, the after. If you know of any great sites, fill me in. Thanks.


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  1. Susan said,

    April 15, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    Ooo ooo ooo! The FOL booksale is this Sat. You should go and check out the patterns–I think they usually have a lot of old sewing patterns. They also have a whole craft section with books on sewing. It is a madhouse, as I’m sure you know, and crafts is one of the major hives of activity, but you should be able to find something even if you wait ’til things calm down.

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