Saturday Summary Week 3

Three weeks down and 49 to go for my “Year of Wearing Garbage”.  I’ve had no slip ups in the past two weeks. This challenge is actually really easy. So why do it? Well, It is really more about being able to say I could do it. It is about bringing attention the vast amounts of resources wasted. To show that there are so many clothes thrown away that someone could have a large wardrobe of perfectly useful and sometimes really nice clothes just from what people throw away. The real challenge is telling people I know that I am doing this. I am slowly divulging my challenge to friends and acquaintances. It is a little hard to just out myself. But I am working on it.

Last week I gave a young lady at my church a shopping bag full of really cool teenager/college type clothing. It was all way too small for me. She was able to pick out what she wanted and then share the rest with her friends. I told her Dad where the clothing came from and that I was doing my challenge, but I am not sure if that info traveled down to her or her friends. I love being able to share  the bounty.

From the bounty of clothing I’ve accumulated so far,  I discovered a velour top. A very outdated and ill-fitting top, but nice velour. As I mentioned last week, I made a hat from a shrunken sweater. Well it was a little itchy, and I wanted to find another garment to make into a hat. Since I am doing the Riot for Austerity, my house is occasionally cold. We only heat when it is freezing outside, which has only been about six times this winter. When we do heat, we use our wood stove, and use downed wood. When we don’t heat it can be 60F inside and I like to wear a hat to keep warm. So here is what I did after finding the velour pullover.

#1img_0266.jpg     #2img_0267.jpg     #3img_0268.jpg

I turned it inside out and cut the sleeves off. Then I cut along the side seam on the left side. Then using mostly the piece from the back of the garment, I wrapped it around my head to see how big to make it. I cut off the excess and pinned what was left, and tried it on, to make sure it fit. It is actually the back of the top folded in half with a little extra added to the side. I sewed a seam up the side of the whole thing, the side being the bottom part of picture number 3.

#4img_0269.jpg     #5img_0270.jpg           

Then I opened it up so the seams were in the middle, as in pic #4. Then I sewed across the top to finish off the hat. When I turned it right side out it looks like pic #5.  

 #6  img_0272.jpg        #7img_0273.jpg 

Picture #6 shows the two sleeves sewn together at the shoulder ends to form sort of a tube. Picture #7 is what it looks like turned right side out. A scarf!

#8img_0274.jpg     #9img_0276.jpg     #10img_0277.jpg

This is the finished hat and scarf. Not really needed today, but has been useful over the past several days. Especially since my cold still hasn’t gone away.


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