Summary Saturday week one

I’ve made it through the first week of the challenge with no problems. As long as you don’t count not having a slip from the dumpster.  Basically I had said underclothing was exempt from the challenge. I hardly ever wear slips, and was not anticipating the need. Sadly a  friend passed away and I was an usher at the memorial service. I had saved a dress I found in the dumpster quite some time ago and it was a thin polyester material that really needed a slip. It was black with small red roses and green leaves. It wasn’t a designer dress by any means, but a Kathy Lee from I think Walmart or Kmart. A friend told me once that dresses with little buttons all the way down the front were out of fashion, well I thought it looked nice. I considered having a picture taken, but it just seemed inappropriate to brag that you wore dumpster clothing to a funeral. She was such a wonderful woman and all who knew her will miss her.

The coat that I found in the dumpster last week did not survive the wash very well. Patches of the PVC coating came off and left the coat very worn looking. I was giving some thought to just wearing it inside out since the inside is fairly nice. I would need to remove the label which would end up being smack in the middle of my upper back if I leave it. 

coatBefore img_0203.jpgAfterimg_0206.jpgDetailimg_0223.jpgInside out

Yesterday I did four loads of laundry, 95% dumpster finds. I hung them all out on the clothesline and they all dried. It was a beautiful day. I still have two loads to do today to wash all the clothes I found Tuesday. I had a very successful haul. I finally have enough pants now. Only one pair of jeans, but five other pair that fit. I even found five pair of socks, and a pair of sandals my size.

My daughter said she wanted to do this challenge with me. Then I reminded her that it would mean she could not wear any of the clothes she got for Christmas. So she said she will do it for one month. We haven’t picked which month. What I did realize is that even if my family will not pack up *all* their clothing and start over with just dumpster finds, that we can still make a compact to not buy any new clothing, maybe not even any used clothing for a year. I already bought my daughter some clothing from the thrift store this year. She is going to a wedding with my Mom and I bought her a pretty purple velvet dress. But then we found a long black skirt in the dumpster and a beautiful pink blouse that was in a box in the attic and she decided she would wear that instead. Live and learn.


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