So far no difficulties in finding enough clothing to wear. I have two pair of identical jeans that are definitely from the dumpster but are pre-2008. I have not found any jeans this year yet that fit. It may take me quite awhile to find a wardrobe of clothes that I really love. Meanwhile I will wear clothes that fit but may not be my style.

img_0215.jpgThese are Myfavoritedumpsters

I went to myfavoritdumpster today to fill out my wardrobe. When I first arrived there were four people already there digging through the contents. One woman was already in the bin searching through the entire contents. She had come on a bicycle and had brought a boom box. It was nice to have company and dive accompanied by music. I climbed into the dumpster that was not occupied and started selecting choice bits. I found tights, a leotard and a pair of ballet slippers all in good condition. Sadly they were too small for my girl, but I know plenty of others. There was a lot of kids clothes and several nice little girl dresses, all too small again for mine.

Those four left and I took my opportunity to snap a picture. I returned to the second dumpster to peruse it’s contents when and a couple showed up who I had seen before, but not in some time. Another couple showed up and the man climbed into the bin and I couldn’t get too much more stuff standing by the side, so I climbed in too. Everyone was really friendly asking sizes and did you like this piece or that one. The second couple were college students looking for really cool clothing. They didn’t take much and they didn’t stay long. Another woman showed up that knew the couple that was still there. I asked if they knew of any other dumpsters that were this good. They didn’t confess to knowing of any. The woman who had just shown up showed me her “tool” for effective extraction of select goods. My husband tells me it is called a gaff. (and not the kind cross-dressers wear). It is a tool that fishermen use to hook the big fish. She said it came in really handy.

Before I knew it I had been there almost an hour and a half, but I really scored a ton of  usable clothing. I can’t wait to sort through it and wash it and find out what all I got. What I don’t keep for myself I give to friends or donate. I have a large box of clothing piling up with just that in mind.

img_0219.jpgMy trunk full of boxes and bags of thrift store rejects.



  1. Mommalynne said,

    February 6, 2008 at 8:26 am

    Good luck at finding enough clothes. Sounds like you have a lot to choose from. This certainly proves that our society has far too much money. If the people who complain about taxes would stop spending their money on things they don’t need and don’t really want, they would have enough money to pay their taxes and help support our society.

  2. February 8, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    Thanks for the comment, I’m adding you to the blogroll now, hope you’ll do the same.


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