The Challenge Starts Today!


Ready or not, my challenge to only wear clothing I find in a dumpster, starts today. I guess I am ready. I can manage with what I have so far. I won’t make it on the best dressed list and I even think I won’t make it on the worst dressed list. The funny thing is that the clothes I find are for the most part, not ones I would buy. Even if they were 25cents at a garage sale. That isn’t because they aren’t nice enough. In some cases it is because they are too nice, too preppy, too dressy. I am a very plain girl and mostly I wear jeans and t-shirts. Sadly I had to pack away all my tie dye shirts, probably a dozen of them, not to be worn for a year.

boxes of clothes not to wear for a yearBoxes of clothing to pack away for the year)

I made another trip to myfavoritedumpster yesterday with my kids. They really love the adventure. I brought home a box full of clothes. I found a really nice looking coat that is grey/silver PVC on the outside and fleece and nylon on the inside. When I was sorting clothes last night for washing, I read the care label for the coat. It said wipe with damp sponge. WHAT? What kind of care is that? Oh and it also said don’t dry clean. Well I would not have done that anyway, but what kind of real option do you have for washing this thing? I figure I will give it a spin in my front loader all by itself and see what happens. Except for ruining my washer what is the worst that could happen?

coatclotheslineThe coat, and washed dumpster clothes)

So my “new” wardrobe is made of of quite a few long sleeved button up shirts. I have maybe six sweaters, two pair jeans, tan pants, black dressy slinky pants(in photo on previous post) and two pair crop pants. I have a few pair of shorts that I don’t need yet, and I have about three night gowns and a PJ set(long pants and a tank). I also found a thick terry cloth bathrobe. So I do have quite a lot compared to some people, but not anywhere near as much as I had… say… a month ago. 

closetfolded clotheshanging and folded clothes in my “new wardrobe”)

I want this blog to be both interesting and informing. If you have any questions or want to see more photos of specific things, let me know. If you have any ideas for things you want me to post about, also let me know. I don’t have a shortage of ideas yet, but want to post about what people want to read. Peace


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