Finally I figured out how to post pictures. It took me quite a bit of the morning. From now on maybe it will be easier. These first three pictures were taken Sat Jan 26 2008 at my favorite dumpster. The first is my daughter trying to climb in. She is always eager to go and see what treasures she can glean. I was surprised how nervous I was to be taking pictures. I did not want anyone to see me do it. So I don’t have full shots of the twin dumpsters that are often loaded with clothes. This day there was hardly any clothing. Instead, a few toys, a box of VHS tapes, and a lot of books. They came home anyway.

dumpster daughtermore dumpster stuffdumpster contents

After washing the clothes I do find, I hang them on the clothesline in my yard.  This black tank top I found seemed to reveal that my husband has 5th chakra issues.


This is me all dressed up for church this past  Sunday. The black tank(not one above), the sweater and the pants were all from the dumpster. It was a beautiful day here and by 2pm I was too warm in this outfit.

Sunday dumpster best

I only have a couple more days to wear any non-dumpster clothing. I really have just about made the switch, so it won’t be that hard.

Is anyone else dumpster diving for clothing? I would not be, had I not come across this dumpster. If I were looking for one though….I would look behind thrift stores. I might even ask a thrift store if they had any rejected clothing I could have for rags for painting. That could help you find a source. Happy diving!


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